Window Styles in Dallas TX

Window styles Dallas TX

Window shopping can be fun and exciting but also overwhelming with so many options to choose from. Window styles Dallas TX can make or break your home’s look and feel.

Vinyl frames are ideal for an energy conscious homeowner as they don’t conduct heat. They can be combined with argon filled glass and low E coatings for superior performance.

Single Hung

Single hung windows have a bottom sash that moves vertically while the upper sash remains fixed. They are one of the most common window styles and offer a classic look that complements many home architectural styles.

However, single hung windows offer limited ventilation as the top sash does not open. They are also more difficult to clean, especially for homeowners living on an upper floor. Double hung windows, on the other hand, have two operable sashes that move up and down, offering greater ventilation flexibility.

Double Hung

The double hung window has two operating sashes that can open on either the top or the bottom. This allows for more ventilation and control over airflow in your home, especially during the hot Dallas summers.

The sashes can also be tilted inward, making cleaning easier and safer. They’re a great choice for second or third stories, where it can be difficult to reach the outside of a single-hung window without a ladder.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward like a door, allowing air to circulate while keeping your indoor space protected from rain. They’re ideal for areas that need plenty of ventilation, such as over kitchen sinks.

Awning windows also protect your home from the sun’s harsh rays. You can use them above east and west-facing windows to reduce solar heat gain and above north-facing windows to prevent afternoon sunlight.


Homeowners in Dallas TX have a wide range of window styles to choose from, including double and single-hung windows that open by sliding sashes within frames; casement windows that hinge along one side and use a hand crank to open; awning windows that open from the top for fresh air; and bay and bow windows that frame scenic views.

Unlike sliding windows that may leak air, casement windows provide a tight seal when closed. This allows cool indoor air to enter while hot outdoor air stays out, saving you money on energy bills all year round.


In architecture, an overhang is a protruding structure that protects lower-level structures. They are often found on barns and older farmhouses. An overhang may also refer to an eave that covers part or all of the front of a home.

Double-hung windows have sashes that open from either the top or bottom, making them safer for children and easier to clean. They also offer more ventilation than single-hung windows.


Rounding out your home’s architectural style, arched windows feature curved tops that contrast sharp corners. Whether you have eyebrow windows, full springline or half circle windows, they’re a beautiful way to frame your view and add visual interest.

For window coverings that highlight these graceful curves, plantation shutters are a great option. They’re custom built to the size and curvature of your arched windows so they can let them shine.

Double Pane

The windows in your home play an important role in energy efficiency and curb appeal. Replacing old and damaged windows can make a big difference in both areas.

Double pane windows have two insulated panels that block out the elements and provide superior energy efficiency. They are also available in a range of styles and designs that complement most architectural styles.

Double-pane windows are popular among Dallas homeowners because they create airflow while being easy to maintain. They have sashes that open from the top or bottom and tilt in, making them easier to clean than single-hung windows.

Triple Pane

Triple pane windows have three insulated glass units that are separated by a space that is filled with an insulating gas such as Argon. They are better at preventing energy transfer than double pane windows.

They keep your indoor temperature comfortable throughout the year. They also reduce moisture accumulation, which can cause damage to wooden window frames and sills.

These windows are hard to break into, which makes them a good choice for homeowners who place safety for their families and belongings at the top of their priority list.

Single Pane

Single-pane windows allow a large amount of natural light to shine into your home. This feature enhances your home’s interior and creates a relaxing atmosphere. However, they also let in outside heat and cold. This can cause your heating and air conditioning to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Energy efficient windows in Dallas include double or triple panes that use a vacuum or inert gas between the glass sheets. The easiest way to determine which type you have is by examining the inside edge of your window.