How to Choose Residential Windows for Your Home

Residential windows Dallas TX

Residential windows are a reflection of your home’s style and help seal out air and moisture. They can also help reduce energy bills and increase your home’s value.

There are many rules and regulations that must be followed when replacing residential windows in Texas. These include building codes for window sizes and egress requirements. You may also be required to follow HOA guidelines.

Energy Efficiency

The right window replacement can make a huge difference in the way your Dallas, TX home feels. This is because they can drastically cut your energy costs and keep your property at a comfortable ambient temperature year-round.

Energy efficiency is measured by a number called the U-factor, or U-Value. This number reflects how well the window can prevent heat from escaping a room. The lower the number, the more effective it is. Modern windows are often designed with multi-panes of Low-E glass and insulated frames. The gas fills and spacers used inside the frame can further enhance the energy efficiency of a window.

Replace your old single-pane windows with new double-pane energy efficient windows. This will stop conditioned air from escaping your home during the hot Texas summers, and reduce the workload on your AC system. The insulated frames and fully-welded sashes help maintain your indoor climate, and the Low-E coating reflects solar rays, helping you save on your utility bills.


Investing in new replacement windows for your Dallas home is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. They increase property value, lower energy bills, and boost your home’s comfort. However, choosing the right window package requires a thorough review of your options. Make sure that you work with a company that provides clear and specific project plans, timelines and expectations. Look for design flexibility, good energy ratings and enhanced UV protection.

Maverick Windows is an Energy Star Partner that offers high-performance premium windows. Our vinyl windows feature a durable exterior and interior finish that resists heat transfer, and they do not warp or fade under the hot Texan sun. They also feature low-emissivity glass, which reflects infrared heat and keeps your home cool during the summer. Our casement windows open outward and tilt in for easy cleaning. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bay and bow. They can transform any room in your home and add a stunning architectural focal point to your residence.

Curb Appeal

Windows are a crucial part of your home’s curb appeal and add to the value of your property. They provide an unobstructed view of the landscape and bring in plenty of natural light. They’re a perfect way to enhance your home’s beauty and style while saving on energy costs.

Besides windows, other factors that contribute to your home’s curb appeal include a fresh coat of paint and landscaping. Window replacement is an excellent opportunity to upgrade these components and give your home a new look.

For example, bay and bow windows offer an attractive architectural design that can be used for storage or seating. These windows can also be made from strong materials that can withstand the weather. They’re also an effective break-in deterrent. Narrow frame vinyl windows are another way to boost your curb appeal. These windows feature less of a frame and are easy to clean with a water hose. They’re also more efficient than double hung windows.


Whether you want to create more airflow in your home or reduce outside noise, we can help. We offer both single and double hung windows to suit your needs. Both open with a window sash that moves up or down to allow for airflow.

A qualified provider will take the time to explain your project plan, timeline, and expectations in detail. They should also provide comprehensive warranties on both materials and labor.

In addition to addressing all legal requirements, the best residential window installation companies will also take care of little things like protecting floors, cleaning up better, and taking care not to damage alarms or other components of your home. Lastly, they will ensure your new windows meet current energy standards so that you can save on heating and cooling costs. This can translate into major savings over the life of your home.