Casement Windows Dallas TX

When it comes to window replacement, homeowners have many options to choose from. Some popular styles include single or double hung windows that open with sliding sashes; awning or bay windows that create scenic views; and casement windows that hinge along one side and open with a crank handle.

This style of window offers beautiful aesthetics and first-rate functionality. Learn more about how this versatile window can enhance your Dallas home.

They Ventilate Well

The hinged frame of a Casement window opens wide with the turn of a crank, allowing you to capture side breezes and draw fresh air into your home. This makes it the perfect choice for tight spaces where a sliding sash or double-hung window won’t open.

With their simple operation and ventilation abilities, Casement windows are a favorite among Dallas homeowners. They also offer superior energy efficiency that can help save you money on your heating and cooling bills all year round.

Other window styles include awning windows that open from the top, sliding windows that slide vertically and double-hung windows that swing open horizontally. However, only casement windows allow you to open them fully, exposing the entire opening of the window. This feature allows cool indoor air to escape and hot outdoor air to enter, keeping your home comfortable even on sweltering Texas days.

They Are Energy-Efficient

With their angled opening, Casement windows can funnel fresh air into your home like sails on a sailboat. They provide superior ventilation and reduce indoor temperatures, thereby cutting your energy costs.

They have a tighter seal than other replacement window types in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin & Houston, which helps keep cool air from your AC inside while hot outdoor air stays out. They also have low-E glass, which reduces heating and cooling Btu consumption as well as transmission of harmful UV radiation that can fade furniture, carpeting & artwork.

Unlike sliders or single hung windows, Casement windows do not open on the bottom, which eliminates a gap that small children can fall through. For safety reasons, homeowners should install child locks that limit how far the window opens to prevent accidents. You can choose from a wide selection of smart designs that still allow partial opening for ventilation.

They Are Easy to Clean

Unlike sliding windows that require an eye-level check rail to open, casement window models open outward like doors. This feature makes them easier to clean, particularly for hard-to-reach areas such as those over kitchen sinks. And since they don’t have obstructive sashes, these unique window styles provide unobstructed views and full ventilation.

NT Window’s insulated casement windows are made with double or triple pane glass, foam-filled frames, and low-E coating to improve energy efficiency. These windows reduce heating and cooling Btu consumption and limit transmission of UV rays that can cause furnishings, carpeting, and artwork to fade.

These windows are popular among homeowners who seek a blend of classic beauty and modern function in their home designs. Proper care helps ensure that they function at their best — keep tracks clear of debris, lubricate hardware if necessary, and clean glass and frames regularly. A simulated divided lite is available to recreate the look of classic wood windows without the grid lines that obstruct views and block air flow.

They Are Child-Safe

Unlike sliding windows that open by using sashes within frames, casement windows hinge along one side and can be opened with a hand crank. They also lock tight, making them difficult to break into from the outside. That’s especially helpful if you have young children who might try to jimmy open double-hung windows.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt to have your window contractor install outswing or inswing casement windows. Both can be easily cleaned from inside your home since they don’t protrude into walkways or hit outside objects like furniture and planters. Regular maintenance includes keeping them clear of debris and lubricating hardware so the cranks work smoothly.

If you’re looking to increase the functionality of your North Dallas home or upgrade its curb appeal, contact a local window contractor about installing new Casement windows. They offer beauty, first-rate energy efficiency and unique functionality that makes your home feel more inviting to guests.