Casement Windows Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

A new casement window can make your home more comfortable. In addition to providing fresh air, they can help reduce your energy bills.

Homeowners in Texas have a wide variety of window styles to choose from. These include double or single hung windows that open by sliding sashes within frames; casement windows that hinge along one side and use a hand crank to open; and bay and bow windows that create scenic views.


Vinyl is a popular choice in replacement windows Dallas TX because it provides stylish, affordable, and durable options. It’s also highly energy efficient and requires little maintenance. Its multi-chambered frames and welded sashes keep your climate-controlled air inside while keeping out unwanted heat or cold.

It’s possible to upgrade your vinyl windows with glazing options that increase their functionality and resale value. However, these features will tack on to the overall cost. If you’re planning to install casement windows in your home, consider a double-pane window with an air or argon gas fill.


Wood casement windows are hinged at the side and open just like a door. They have a hand-crank mechanism to operate and are extremely versatile and stylish. They are great alone or built into a bay or bow window. They also make an excellent transom window.

These windows have a natural look that is hard to duplicate and are popular among homeowners in historic districts, and for those who want that true divided lite grids sticking out of the glass (called simulated). Today’s wood windows are made with a solid wood interior frame with an aluminum clad exterior that protects against termites and water damage.


Aluminum windows are made by Texans for Texans and built to last. They are a great choice for harsh Southern climates and are a classic style option for homeowners. They also offer energy efficiency features that save homeowners money.

DYC’s aluminum window frames are made from extruded aluminum, which is thicker than rolled aluminum and is stronger and more durable. They are designed to withstand the harsh Southern climate and feature a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Choosing a professional contractor to install your windows will ensure that you get a tight seal, which saves on energy costs and keeps the interior of your home clean and dry. Look for companies that have years, if not decades, of experience in the industry and can provide references from previous clients.


When choosing new or replacement windows, it’s important to make sure that you and your family get plenty of ventilation. That’s why many people choose casement windows. These windows are hinged on the side and open outward with a hand crank. They offer more unobstructed views and air flow than any other window style.

Bay windows are a great addition to any home and can add an elegant, eye-catching focal point. They’re made of three separate windows and extend outward to create more space, light, and a unique architectural look.


Like bay windows, bow windows extend from the exterior of your home and create a sense of additional space that can be used for storage or seating. They can also add a more elegant character to your home while improving natural light and offering a spectacular view.

The curved shape of a bow window is created by combining multiple windows into a single design that juts out from your home. They can include a mixture of fixed pane, double hung and casement windows, and are often designed with sashes that open for ventilation.

Double Hung

Unlike single hung windows that open only at the bottom, double hungs allow you to easily slide both the top and bottom sashes upwards for ventilation. You can also tilt them for cleaning.

These windows are very popular and offer many style options for your Dallas TX home. They can be combined with a bay window or a bow to make a beautiful feature in any room of the house.

These types of windows are well insulated with aluminum thermal breaks and argon gas between the panes of glass. This allows them to perform similar to well EnergyStar rated replacement windows.


North Texas homeowners often prefer the sleek look of awning windows. Similar to casement windows, these hinged windows open out with a crank mechanism and provide plenty of ventilation.

Awning windows work well in tight spaces, like over kitchen sinks and in bathrooms. They also pair well with picture windows above them for a clear view.

Awning windows are energy efficient, and their tight seal prevents air leakage better than other operable window styles. However, they do require a bit of space outside to swing out. This may not make them the best choice for egress windows.