Patio Doors – Bring the Outdoors Inside

Patio doors Dallas TX

Patio doors help blur the line between your indoor living space and the outdoors, bringing in natural light and creating a more open feel to your home. These doors are a popular choice for Dallas homeowners looking to improve the look and functionality of their homes.

Selecting a contractor with extensive experience is important as poor installation can void the warranty on your new patio doors. Be sure to ask your contractor about their certifications and how many years they’ve been in business.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding patio doors are a great choice for Dallas homes that need to open up and let in some fresh Texas air. They require no extra space to operate and allow for easy access to the outside without any worries about insects or debris making their way indoors.

They also create a nice visual connection between the interior and outdoor living spaces of your home, and are an excellent complement to many different architectural styles. For example, they look especially great in a modern home design and can help to further emphasize the sleek and simple lines of the mid-century modern home trend.

They can also work well in a traditional or historic home, and are available in a variety of finishes to match the style of your house. Plus, they can reduce your energy costs by acting as large windows to let in sunlight while keeping out cold air. Their insulated frames and Low E glass are designed to make your home more efficient, and are protected by an exterior weatherproof seal to prevent moisture, sun, wind, and other elements from damaging the frame or glass.

Ranch-Style Homes

Ranch-style homes are popular among younger couples who are looking for a smaller home and older homeowners who want a one-story house that will be easier to maintain. These single-story homes are often clad in siding or brick and feature low-pitched roofs, open floor plans, and large openings to the backyard.

Sliding glass doors are a great way to tie your indoor living space with the outdoors. The natural light and expansive views will enhance your open-concept layout while allowing for easy access to outdoor seating areas and dining spaces.

The wide opening also allows you to bring in large trays of food or furniture with ease while keeping out wind, rain and debris. A patio door is a great investment for your ranch-style home that will add value and curb appeal.

Mid-Century Modern Homes

The mid-century modern style of home, also known as Mid Mod or MCM, is gaining popularity once again due to their cool, easy vibe and ability to bring the outdoors in. These homes are characterized by flat planes, lots of windows (including sliding glass doors) and open spaces.

This modern ranch home with a stunning green yard and pool is a prime example of a beautiful mid-century modern property. It features eye-catching stone walls, a 60-foot lap pool, a meditation area and zen vibes throughout its sprawling 3.5 acres.

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Screen Doors

If you like to enjoy the fresh Texas air on a warm day, you can add a movable screen to your exterior patio doors. These mesh partitions protect against mosquitoes, other bugs, and debris while allowing natural light to flow through your home. Unlike window shades, they are designed to fit over patio doors. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns to match other decorative items on your property.

The benefits of having a great-looking, high-performing replacement patio door are many. It creates a seamless connection between your indoor living space and outdoor landscape, makes your home look bigger, and offers a higher resale value.

It is important to find a qualified contractor to install your replacement patio doors. Check online reviews and if possible, work with a contractor that is certified by the manufacturer. This ensures the installation is done correctly and that you are protected by the warranty. Also, choose a local contractor with a physical presence in your area.