Casement Windows

Casement windows Dallas TX

Beautiful casement windows offer excellent ventilation and natural light for your home. With sashes hinged on either side, these replacement windows open outward with the crank of a handle.

Unless you have construction experience, it’s best to leave window installation to the professionals. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your new windows are installed properly.


If you live in a windy area, Casement windows can maximize ventilation in your home. They open wide and swing outward with the crank of a handle, making them one of the most effective window types when it comes to improved air flow.

These hinged windows are also great for catching breezes from the outside, directing them into your home to cool it down and eliminating extra energy costs. Additionally, their tighter seals help keep cool indoor air in and hot outdoor air out during Texas’ humid summers.

Whether you want to replace your existing windows or upgrade the look of your home, the right Casement windows can add value and curb appeal. However, window installation requires a certain amount of construction knowledge and skills to ensure your new windows fit correctly. Attempting to install your own windows without the proper tools and training could be damaging and result in water leaks and other problems.

Natural Light

Homeowners have many window options when it comes to replacement windows, including sliding sash windows that open by sliding sashes within frames; casement windows, which hinge along one side and can be opened by a crank handle; awning windows that open from the top for air circulation; bay and bow windows that create scenic views; and specialty styles that meet egress requirements.

But few offer the superior ventilation and unobstructed views of a casement window. Hinged on one side and opening outward like a door, they provide plenty of fresher air while letting in sunlight.

This makes them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other living areas where airflow is crucial. And when closed, their tight seal prevents drafts and reduces energy costs. They’re also easier to clean than sliding windows, because they can be accessed from the interior without protruding into walkways or hitting outside objects.


Unlike sliding windows and single hung window types that are held open with horizontal bars, Casement windows open outward from a hinge on either side. They can be opened to a full 90o using the crank handle and allow more air into your home as well as providing a fresh breeze throughout the summer and fall.

These replacement windows feature a simple lock latch and low-profile crank handle that operate in a single smooth motion. They also have fewer muntins (the metal, vinyl or wood strips that divide the glass) which allows you to see more of your outdoor view.

The patented Truth Maxim operating hardware fights corrosion even in harsh southern environments and the double-pane glass is insulated with optimal air space for energy savings. This combination of features makes this window type one of the most efficient in America with a U Value as low as.16, which is nearly twice as efficient as Energy Star guidelines and Uniform Building Code requirements.


Like any other window, casement windows need regular maintenance to keep their pristine look and functioning. If you notice a buildup of dust or grime around the sash, have your handyman wash it with mild soap and water to get rid of it. You may also need to have your Dallas window repair professional lubricate the crank mechanism if it has become stiff or difficult to open and close.

You may also notice that your window is letting in moisture or cold drafts, which can affect the comfort level of your home and drive up your utility bills. These are signs that you need a reliable window repair service as soon as possible. Professional repairs can prevent these issues and help you save money in the long run. They can also improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, which in turn, reduces your environmental footprint. The right windows can also add a lot to your curb appeal and increase the value of your property.