How Residential Windows Can Help You Save on Your Utility Bill

Residential windows Dallas TX

Windows are a crucial component of any home, but it’s easy to overlook them until they don’t work as they should. Luckily, local window installation services can help balance style and energy efficiency to meet your needs.

These experts can recommend products from brands like Pella, whose windows are rated #1 for innovation by Dallas homeowners. Their double- and triple-pane glass is coated with Low-E to keep harmful UV rays from heating your home, and the spaces between windows are filled with argon gas for better insulation.

Energy Efficiency

A great way to save on your energy bill is by investing in new replacement windows that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. These windows are built to reduce the amount of energy that is lost due to heat transfer through your window glass, frames and space between them.

With the recent extreme weather patterns in Dallas, it is even more important to invest in energy efficient windows. Older windows allow too much heat to enter your home, increasing the strain on your air conditioner during our long summers.

Fortunately, Statewide Remodeling offers an array of energy efficient replacement windows to fit any budget. Our vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and textures to complement your Dallas home’s décor. They also meet egress and fire safety requirements. Contact us today to schedule a free quote. Our prices will vary based on your specific window dimensions and other unique features of your home.

Low-E Glass

Most modern windows use low-E glass, and this window technology is worth the investment. The invisible coating on the glass reflects infrared energy and reduces solar heat gain, keeping your home cool during Texas’ blistering summers and saving you money on your utility bills.

The different metals used in the coating essentially filter out certain wavelengths of light, while allowing shorter wavelengths to pass through. This allows natural sunlight to enter your house while reducing the amount of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that gets into your home, which can damage fabrics and fade paints and carpeting.

Window Nation is another Dallas-based company with a long history in the business and thousands of positive reviews on customer review websites. Its energy efficient windows feature frames filled with polyurethane foam and fusion-welded corners, low-E glass with Argon gas insulation and vinyl spacers that limit the transfer of thermal energy between the window panes. The company’s prices are competitive, and the windows come with a lifetime warranty on frame materials and components.

Frame Materials

Choosing the right frame material for your replacement windows will have a major impact on energy efficiency, life span and price point. There are many different types of frames to choose from and each offers its own unique benefits and challenges.

Vinyl or PVC is the most popular frame choice among homeowners and landlords as it does not conduct heat or cold well, resists rust from the elements, is easy to maintain and is inexpensive. It is also available in an array of colors and styles to compliment any home design.

Fiberglass is another option that has a very durable surface and can offer slim sightlines with larger expanses of glass. It is energy efficient and can meet Energy Star requirements.

Wood is a beautiful frame option that can add a classic look to any home but requires more ongoing maintenance and can be more expensive. We are experts in repairing and installing wood windows and doors.


When choosing a window company, consider its level of expertise. Ask whether its contractors are required to have a state license, pass a background check and carry mandated insurance. Also, request estimates that detail price points. This will help you compare prices between different companies to discover the one that works best with your budget.

Windows are an investment in a home’s comfort and design. The right choice can help you reduce energy costs and improve your home’s resale value. However, a bad installation can lead to leaks and water damage.

Fortunately, there are local professionals who can provide superior service for all your window needs. They can help you choose the best window type for your Dallas home, and install them correctly. They can also repair and replace your existing windows, and help you save money by making your house more energy efficient. Their windows are backed by lengthy warranties. They are also designed to meet Energy Star specifications and requirements.