Door Styles

Door styles Dallas TX

Your front door is a major part of your curb appeal, as well as the way in which guests see your home. But what kind of door is right for your Dallas home?

Wood doors tend to warp and delaminate under the constant direct sunlight of our Dallas climate. Fiberglass doors are an excellent alternative.


Contemporary doors offer clean lines, sleek design and custom hardware to add character. These door styles also allow for the addition of sidelites, which are narrow windows installed on either side of the door, to bring in natural light and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

While popular, contemporary designs can sometimes be met with skepticism for fear of a cold and sterile look. ResDoor / Pro Door Repair Contemporary Custom Wood doors raise the style temperature a few degrees by offering options to add warmth and distinctive style.


Traditional Door styles Dallas TX offer clean lines and a non-ornamental look that emphasize durability and “form over function.” This style is ideal for a contemporary or traditional home that needs a front door that complements its aesthetics without drawing attention to itself.

The right material is important for both curb appeal and performance. In the case of a front door, that means finding something durable enough to stand up to the weather conditions in the Dallas area, which can include high temperatures and direct sunlight for most of the year. Fiberglass doors are often the best choice, because they can withstand these extremes and still resemble authentic wood.


For homeowners looking for a front door that reflects a simpler time, Craftsman doors may be the ideal option. Typically found on cottages, bungalows and prairie-style homes, these doors often include stylish glass inserts and dentil shelves.

The clean simple design coupled with deep Fir graining on craftsman-style doors accentuates handcrafted originality, making them a popular choice for bungalow and prairie style homes. Craftsman doors are also a great complement for homes that use Arts and Crafts style furniture and finishes.

Sidelites are narrow windows installed on either side of an entry door, providing natural light and a view of the outside. They can be frosted or opaque and are frequently used with contemporary and traditional styles of architecture.


Many people love the romantic style of Tuscan architecture, inspired by old Italian villages. These homes typically have low tile or terra cotta roofs, stucco construction and arched doorways and windows.

When decorating a Tuscan home, you should keep with earthy colors like red, green and gold. Terra cotta and brick tones also work. Decorative pottery and floral designs will bring out the Italian flair of your home.

An ornate, wrought iron door is perfect for these homes. It adds a touch of luxury and glamor to your entryway while being sturdy enough to prevent intruders from breaking into your home. You can find Tuscan iron doors at the Gaylord Texan, Dragonfly restaurant and in homes of celebrities including Donald Trump, Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears and Mavericks and Rangers players.


Purchasing patio doors can be a costly investment for homeowners. Therefore, it is important for them to make a detailed research before buying wrought iron or steel doors Dallas TX. It is necessary for them to look for a door that will prove aesthetically as well as good for the money they are spending.

French doors are a classic style that will add value to your home and also complement its architectural design. They allow light to enter the living areas and provide a view of your yard, making them a great choice for homes that want to create a sense of spaciousness.


The transom is the horizontal crossbar that separates a door frame from a window above it. They can be rectangular, semicircular, or fan-shaped. They are often used above doors, but they can also be positioned above other windows or even inside closets.

These windows are great for letting natural light into a space without opening the door itself. They can also serve as a focal accent point in an entryway.

The most popular place to add a transom is above the front door in a home’s entryway. You can select from a variety of decorative transom stained glass designs to transform your entranceway.